What do you do when you need more child support money?

  Listen to Family Law Attorney Ericka Fowler from Bridge to Justice as she talks about a few ways to proceed in getting more money for child support. Ericka explains that child support isn’t determined just by monetary value but also by how much time is spent with each parent. Have you ever heard of... Continue Reading →

Are you being a healthy role model for your children?

Are you being a healthy role model for your children?   I believe in an instantaneous society. A society where conveniency is priority over being healthy.  Driving by the fast food restaurant to pick up a few dollar items off of the menu will provide more time for you once you get home and settled... Continue Reading →

Are you a healthy role model for your children?

Today's radio show is talking about the importance of good nutrition in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for single parents and their families. My guest was Ruth Stemler who is a registered dietitian  for over 40 years. http://news.kgnu.org/2017/06/victorious-single-parent-nutrition-and-the-single-parent-family/

Be prepared for the summer

Hi Victorious Single Parents! It is that time of the year again to get ready for the summer with your children. Summer Camps Summer jobs Internships Volunteer Visit college campuses Short family vacations In state get aways Near state get aways Have local picnics, museums, zoo, parks, libraries Groupons Kids can plan a fun day... Continue Reading →

I = Self Care

    Carolyn Kesterson, M.A., LPC P.O. Box 456 Hygiene, CO  80533 720-205-2252 kesterson.lpc@gmail.com _______________________________________________________________   “I” is Not a Selfish Word:  Some ABC’s for Single Parents   Some people think that spending time to take good care of yourself is a selfish thing to do.  If you are a single parent, however, self care... Continue Reading →

Let Go of the Weight

As single parents, we sometimes allow more burdens or responsibilities to be pressed upon our lives without realizing the progressive damages we are causing that may slowly eat away at our family livelihood. Many of us have been given the label Supermom or Superdad and you may even enjoy that label but in reality, we... Continue Reading →

What will you conceive in 2017

  A new year, a new perspective, another chance to start fresh and be better. Most people make resolutions at the beginning of a new year because they feel they have an opportunity to start over and make up for past mistakes. The term for resolution is a firm decision to resolve a matter. What... Continue Reading →

A Happy Mother

A Happy Mother A day recognizing and giving honor to mothers all over the world. Mothers of contentment, being complacent, searching for answers of purpose, feeling a sense of loneliness, pulling from the deepest part of their being to please, gratify and surrender while being Happy! In the midst of happiness, she sometimes loses the awareness... Continue Reading →

Associate versus Friend

Have you ever wondered why some of your relationships are more of a give-give on your part and a receive-receive from the other person? Well my friend and I were discussing how sick and tired she was of always going above and beyond to help her friends out while the same acts are not reciprocated for her.... Continue Reading →

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