What do you do when you need more child support money?


Listen to Family Law Attorney Ericka Fowler from Bridge to Justice as she talks about a few ways to proceed in getting more money for child support. Ericka explains that child support isn’t determined just by monetary value but also by how much time is spent with each parent.

Have you ever heard of the Divorce Flu? Well in the state of Colorado divorce flu is where a person essentially loses their job right around the time of a filing for divorce in an effort to get a larger award of spousal support or to not pay child support.

Ericka also discussed how showing conflict can cause emotional issues with children and how sometimes referring them to a mental health professional may be needed to avoid more issues in the future.

You can contact Ericka or other attorneys at : Ericka Fowler from Bridge to Justice   &   http://www.boulderbridgetojustice.org/who-we-serve

Listen to the show right here – Can we all get along?

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