What will you conceive in 2017



A new year, a new perspective, another chance to start fresh and be better.

Most people make resolutions at the beginning of a new year because they feel they have an opportunity to start over and make up for past mistakes. The term for resolution is a firm decision to resolve a matter. What ever the matter may be, there has to be a reason as to why you want to resolve it or it really doesn’t hold weight in your life to be accomplished. I believe that most people create a wish list rather than a resolution because resolving something takes work. I am guilty of setting resolutions for the new year and never resolving anything because I really didn’t have a reason that would sustain me working until it was resolved. Making these wishes are not good examples for our children. Our children need to understand that we are about to change some things once we make that firm decision to resolve whatever it may be. My famous resolution is to lose weight, it really didn’t matter how much, just to lose weight. So, of course I start the regimen but it doesn’t last too long because my wish didn’t hold weight to what I was trying to accomplished. This year I want to start a habit of working out 4 times a week because I need to tone up. Four times a week is attainable and I also have a reason other than me being fat.

I believe 2017 will be a year of good habit forming and consistency. Dig inside your soul, your inner being and imagine the vision or visions that have been permeating your thoughts day and night. Lets create our own individual story for 2017. We have the authority and freedom of choice to make what and how we want our story to be. Now that doesn’t mean challenges won’t come and pull the rug from beneath our feet but how we react to that challenge  will determine what happens in the next chapter of our story.

Reflecting daily will allow us to be aware of past mistakes from yesterday and hopefully will require us to raise our standard in order to manifest our visions/stories. Once we conceive our vision , we then allow it to grow by nurturing our bodies, minds and spirits so the vision can thrive. Start a journal on your phone, tablet or by your bedside, so you can reflect on past experiences which is very important for growth.

So, let’s take control and be consistent and get ready for the growth of our vision and the manifestation of our story!



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