A Happy Mother


A Happy Mother

A day recognizing and giving honor to mothers all over the world.

Mothers of contentment, being complacent, searching for answers of purpose, feeling a sense of loneliness, pulling from the deepest part of their being to please, gratify and surrender while being Happy! In the midst of happiness, she sometimes loses the awareness in the importance of her power to self-edify, knowing her self-worth and believing the impeccable value in which God see in her. Amazing how she succumb the strength to do the impossible for others but somehow dismisses the need to use the same strength to pull herself up to a higher level by stretching and challenging every cell in her body as she would for her children. Making sure that everyone receives her assistance to help get them where they need to be in life while disregarding her own dreams and passions that are waiting to be birthed.

Mothers remember you are an individual that have been given the great responsibility of having many gifts and talents. Just as you teach your children about balancing extracurricular activities and school work, the same applies to you with balancing work, children and YOU. Somehow along life’s journey, mothers seem to forget that they are a person that is supposed to fulfill their purpose in life, while satisfying their duties as a mother. Without YOU being the best YOU, the inducement of your values, morals, attitudes, passions and drives won’t be embedded on this earth to help mold the present into what you wish the future to be.

So mothers, be happy on this day and hereafter. Rekindle the dreams that impregnates your thoughts and soul for only you can turn the sparks into flames or extinguish the opportunities of hope and passion of what is to make you happy. You are beautiful and valued because this world would not exist without you!

Be Happy Mothers!

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