Legal Resources to help settle family issues

Referral Resources Boulder County Bar Association: Colorado Bar Association: Colorado Legal Services: Court Links: 20th District Free Classes and Legal Resources: Family Court Facilitators: Direct link to Colorado Courts Software to calculate child support: Link to Colorado Courts general resources for family law issues: Communication tools:

What do you do when you need more child support money?

  Listen to Family Law Attorney Ericka Fowler from Bridge to Justice as she talks about a few ways to proceed in getting more money for child support. Ericka explains that child support isn’t determined just by monetary value but also by how much time is spent with each parent. Have you ever heard of... Continue Reading →

Are you being a healthy role model for your children?

Are you being a healthy role model for your children?   I believe in an instantaneous society. A society where conveniency is priority over being healthy.  Driving by the fast food restaurant to pick up a few dollar items off of the menu will provide more time for you once you get home and settled... Continue Reading →

Are you a healthy role model for your children?

Today's radio show is talking about the importance of good nutrition in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for single parents and their families. My guest was Ruth Stemler who is a registered dietitian  for over 40 years.

Breaking the Financial Cycle

Living life as  single parent can be challenging in so many ways but I think financially challenges are close to the top. We have to stop ignoring the disparities and start addressing them. Nothing negative goes away until we add positive force in taking action. The photo of the money cut up reminds me of... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Cycle

Today's show is about Breaking the Cycle with our finances. Listen to Dennis Paul from Elevations Credit Union discussing the importance of being aware of how much you spend, budgeting and saving for reserves.  

List of Summer camps

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